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From very early on, Shelby knew she wanted to be a hairstylist. Some of her earliest memories are bartering with her sister (who hated her hair being touched) to let her brush and style it. She would trade a picture frame or upsell a little trinket to gain access to those coveted locks. Today, it’s a very different story. 

Shelby graduated from Valentino’s Hairstyling Academy in 2016 and went on to apprentice at two prominent hair salons in Toronto. She worked as Anthony Ingraldi’s (salon owner and expert in natural lived-in colour) personal assistant collaborating on all colours—this is where her love for lived-in natural colour began. Shelby specializes in lived-in natural blonding, balayage, blunt and textured bobs, long layered haircuts, and loves working with copper and red heads. 

Whether it be from industry celebrities like Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran, fellow stylists, clients, landscapes, nature’s soft hues and tones, or street fashion around the globe, Shelby draws inspiration from her surroundings and infuses it into her work. She values good listening and genuine connection and loves enhancing a peron’s natural beauty to refine what is already special about them. 

“I love making a difference in someone’s life and being a guide in a transition, big or small. I’m all about collaboration and being open and honest. Nothing inspires me more than the way someone looks at themselves in the mirror after an appointment.”

During her off days, Shelby is either snapping pictures of the great outdoors or walking her cat (yes, you read that right), Shadow, who she describes as her little fluffy pikachu. She’s a self-professed dog girl at heart.


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